Nathan Woelke Tattooist

In June of 1997, I was offered a tattoo apprenticeship out near Palm Springs, CA. I showed up to the shop 7 days a week, and did what I was told to do.
In August of '98, I moved back to San Diego to apply what I learned. Since then, I have worked in a couple of states including Hawaii, California, Arizona,Iowa, and now my home base in Nashville, Tennessee. I have had the opportunity to work and learn from some amazing artists. I try to keep the attitude of staying teachable...If i ever stop learning, I feel I should stop tattooing.
I enjoy tattooing traditional Japanese Imagery, as well as traditional Americana, but I try not to limit myself to just those two styles. The photos on this website are just a few examples of the works I've done over the years. If you would like to get some work done by me, feel free to contact me at the shop, or send me a message through this website.
Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my work,
Nathan Woelke